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~Descendants of James Isham Gideon~


This page is dedicated to the descendants of my ggggg-grandfather, James Isham Gideon, who was born in Cork, Ireland in 1748, sailed to Virginia in 1764, and served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War. His brother, Frank, was killed in battle in Virginia in about 1777.

Like many American families the descendants of James Isham Gideon were divided during the Civil War. Many Gideons fought for the Union and many for the Confederacy. Several branches of the family had settled in Missouri and Arkansas, states which bordered each sideof the line between the north and south, and cousins fought against cousins in the great War Between the States.

Most of the information found on this site originated from the book by Gertrude Cleghorn Josserand, "The Descendants of James Isham Gideon and Allied Families 1764-1969". In spite of the best efforts of her and the dozens of others who contributed to that book, it is known to contain many factual errors. Please email me if you have any corrections or additions. New information will be posted for the benefit of others researching their family trees.

If you would like to be contacted by others researching the James Isham Gideon line, please make an entry in the log book at the bottom of this page. It will help if you include the names of the early Gideons you descended from, so others researching the same line can find you.

The links at the left will connect you to my Family Tree Maker home page, which contains an alpha listing of over 5,000 names in my database, as well as a genealogy report on the descendants of James Isham Gideon. Click on the links for biographical sketches of some of the early descendants as well as a Gideon Photo Gallery.

I hope you find this website helpful! Please contact me with any questions, comments, or corrections.


I am seeking an original copy of "The Descendants of James Isham Gideon and Allied Families 1764-1969", by Gertrude Cleghorn Josserand. I am willing to pay any reasonable price, and it will be used to improve the quality of the pictures in the Gideon Photo Gallery pages.

If you have an original copy and a scanner, better scans of some of the photos in the gallery would be much appreciated. Please email me if you can help! []

*************************************************************** Additional sources of information on the descendants of James Isham Gideon: "A Reminiscent History of The Ozark Region", 1894, 788 pages of great Ozark history, including biographies of eight Gideon pioneers... [reprinted and available from Southern Historical Press for $45 at 1-800-233-0152]................... and "Christian County Missouri History & Families" [available from Christian County Museum and Historical Society, P.O. Box 442, Ozark, MO 65721-0442 for $59.50 + $5.00 shipping].


Special thanks to Peggy Cotton and Woody Franklin for the information they provided for this page, as well as all the Gideon cousins who have contributed their information.

Tom Stevenson

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