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~William Carroll Gideon~

William Carroll Gideon (1824-1863) lived in Christian Co, MO. At the outbreak of the Civil War he owned 420 acres in Gideon Barrens, MO. Because of predations of the guerillas, he moved his family to Greene Co. He joined the Union Home Guards, and later as a Sgt. in Co "F", 14th (later 18th) Mo. State Inf. He was killed at the home of his father on Dec 17, 1863 by a band of confederate guerillas disguised in the uniforms of Union soldiers.

The bushwackers called at the home of his parents and asked to warm themselves. Deceived by their uniforms, he invited them in. They entered the house and ordered William and a fellow soldier to surrender,then shot them both down, and robbed them of their money and clothing. Among the murderers were Jake Weaver, William Morehouse and others known to the Gideon family. The mob was followed by a band of Union soldiers who attacked and killed all the murderers except Weaver who was wounded, but escaped. After the war, it was reported that he was hanged in Texas for horse stealing.

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