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Indian Reservation

THE classic American motorcycle! From 1902 to 1954, Indian made the ultimate American bike. With a stable of model names like the Arrow, Prince, Warrior, Scout, and Chief, and with a factory in Springfield, Massachusetts shaped like a wigwam, you had to love 'em. In 1910, racer Jake DeRosier set a new 100-mile record on his Indian at the Playa Del Rey board track in Los Angeles. Jake ran out of gas on the 99th lap and lost about 5 minutes while he pushed his Indian the last lap to the finish line, and STILL beat the world record by almost a minute! For more Indian lore and photos, check out the links to the left.

Below: 1946 Indian Chief~ Many celebrities rode Indians, including Hollywood actress Jane Russell, giving new meaning to the term, "Big V Twins".
1933 Indian Chief
Some folks actually think a Japanese firm invented the 4-cylinder motorcycle. This is a 1937 Indian Four, engine size up to 80 cubic inches. Who says size doesn't count?
1947 Indian Chief with sidecar
The coolest thing about riding an Indian was, you always got to see real Indians, just like on the 1915 catalog cover. This was before they learned how to spell "Motorcycle".

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