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Gear Ready? 3000 psi in your air tank? Dive in!

Stop by this page when you want to dive into the warm Carribbean waters. The links at the bottom of the, page...will take you to the next dive destination.

The photos on this page are from a September,1998 trip to Cozumel, Mexico. The diving in Coz is rated as the best all-around dive experience in the Carribbean. Beautiful coral reefs, 100ft+ visibility, Mexican hospitality, affordable vacations...what more could you ask for? Maybe some colorful sea life, and they have plenty of that, as you can see in the photos below. Remember to relax and breathe slowly while the pictures download.

We stayed at the Diamond Allegro Resort at the far south end of the Island, to be closer to Palankar Reef (we had dove the middle reefs in December 1997). We checked in at 5:30pm Friday, were on a dive boat heading into the sunset by 6:30, and were underwater as soon as it was dark enough for a night dive. The photo below was one of six Octopi we saw that first night.
Below is a Queen Angel, one of the most colorful fish of the Caribbean, plentiful on the Palankar Reef in Cozumel.
Below is a Queen Triggerfish, a little less common.
Below is a French Angel Fish, another of my favorites found throughout the Caribbean.
Below is a fairly uncommon Sharptail Eel.
The Grey Angelfish, similar to the French Angel but without the yellow around the eyes and gills.
The bashful Rock Beauty, an obvious Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
Overall, the diving was excellent in Cozumel. It was our second trip, and can't wait to get back!

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